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Dental Rehab at Misson Viejo,CA

“Meth mouth” is characterized by severe tooth decay and gum disease, which often causes teeth to break or fall out. An examination of the mouths of 571 methamphetamine users showed:

  • 96% had cavities

  • 58% had untreated tooth decay

  • 31% had six or more missing teeth


The teeth of people addicted to methamphetamines are characterized by being blackened, stained, rotting, crumbling and falling apart. Often, the teeth cannot be salvaged and must be removed. The extensive tooth decay is likely caused by a combination of drug-induced psychological and physiological changes resulting in dry mouth and long periods of poor oral hygiene. Methamphetamine itself is also acidic.

The study found that the more meth a person used, the worse their tooth decay was. Meth users who were 30 years of age or older, women or cigarette smokers were more likely to have tooth decay and gum disease.

Reconstruction of "Meth Mouth"

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