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Dental Fillings Protect Your Teeth

Receiving dental fillings at Global Dental Group in Mission Viejo, CA is a breeze for our talented team. We use them to prevent potential issues or occurring problems such as bacteria getting into your tooth’s pulp, which may lead to a root canal. Most commonly, you will need to receive fillings to correct any dental cavities to stop the decay. We have different materials you can choose from when trying to make your smile complete again. If you feel any pain in your teeth, please give us a call right away to schedule your initial consultation and have your team check out your smile.


Reasons for Needing Dental Fillings

Most of the time, it will be a cavity, or a hole in your tooth, that brings you into our office to receive our dental services. However, there are plenty of other reasons you may want to call Global Dental Group for a consultation. We will help you get the best smile possible. Dental fillings can be used to support the following issues involving your teeth:

  • You have chipped teeth

  • There is space between two teeth

  • Cracked/broken teeth

  • Decayed or worn teeth

The Process for Dental Filling Procedure

When you need to receive a dental filling, please allow us about an hour to complete the procedure. Depending on the extent of the work, we may be able to squeeze you in on your lunch break and have you back in the office afterward. If you need local anesthesia, we have it available, but not every patient will need to use it. We will also suggest a ride home if you decide to use it. We then place the dental filling to precisely fit your tooth and improve function.

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