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Dental Exam

Get a Dental Exam from Global Dental Group Today

Scheduling your dental exam with Global Dental Group safeguards your smile from becoming yellow or stained. Wine, cigarettes, and certain foods can all change the color of your teeth. We can also catch smaller problems before they become much larger, potentially leading to extraction or dentures. A root canal is much easier and cheaper than replacing a tooth that needs to get pulled. These examinations should be scheduled at least twice a year. Once we perform our initial assessment of your oral health, we may recommend more frequent visits over the year, depending on your situation. Give our Mission Viejo, CA dental office a call today. We can get you into the office and examine your teeth to ensure you are on the right oral health journey.


What’s All Included in a Dental Exam?

One of the main reasons you should be scheduling your dental exams twice a year is that brushing can’t remove tartar at home. Cleaning is included in our examinations at Global Dental Group and will also help remove plaque and other bacteria, which can be hard to get rid of without our professional tools. Our team will also benefit you by inspecting your teeth individually for cavities, and you may even need x-rays if we believe there are issues below the gum surface. Dental exams help you stay on top of your oral health and can save you money from other costly dental treatments. Please let us know if you are experiencing any pain before coming into the office. This will help us know if we need to add any other services while performing your dental exam.

Modern Dental Tools and Procedures

Many patients shy away from dental offices because of stereotypes created in pop culture. Avoiding our dental exams and other services can lead to more painful and expensive treatments. Thanks to modern advancements and innovations, we can deliver our high-quality dental services with little to no pain at all. Our team will also keep you up-to-date with scheduling services to help remind you when you need to make an appointment. Feel more at home when you need dental exams and more at Global Dental Group.

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